About Us

Coloria Home Decor

Who are we?

Coloria is a Interior Design Team, always in the struggle of finding the most beautiful and practical accessories and details for your home. 


Our story started in 2009 and it's a story of imagination, determination and hard work . 


Since than we have designed furnished and detailed hundered of projects and every time we have realised that the most beautiful final touch is in the small details of the room. 


What do we do?

Our main activity is the process of designing the interior for our clients. It starts from sketches and ends in finishing the decoration of the home until the finest detail.  

Our Goal?

Our passion for interior decorations made us to launch ColoriaHome in order to help people decorate their spaces with careful selected decorations and accessories.   

The Goal is to provide the finest, exquisite and beautiful home accessories or decorations for  everyone that is passionate about their home or space. 

In our shop you will find a great selection of interior decoration accesories; Products that we are providing directly from our suppliers warehouses /  production facilities so they will arrive to you at a decent price. Therefore it is possible you will receive the products from all over the world